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Roam like home

Roam Like Home will change the way you use your internet while travelling. Call us for more information.






  • Up to 4 Users
  • HD Video Streaming
  • Mail & Web Browsing
  • 24/7 Support
$ 50.99 /mo
$ 4899 /mo
With TNEXT your business just got simple

looking for a reliable and high-quality Internet connection for your office? With built-in security and all inclusive services, you need One simple package, at One flat rate. Increased performance, reduced cost while simplifying business Internet. TNEXT offer you this option.
We have the Business Specialists, expertise and resources to help you. Our goal is to help you to do things online as fast as possible. Our fibre network provides fast and consistent online experience throughout.

No boring lock-in contracts

Wave goodbye to old-fashioned lock-in contracts. We give you the freedom and flexibility of a month-to-month plan with your internet service. Stay as long as you want, or leave when you like. It’s all up to you.

Change plan anytime, for free

One of the great things about an Exetel no lock-in contract is that you can change your plan at anytime, no more than once each month, for free. So whenever your life changes, your internet service can change with you. It’s that simple.

$10/mth Unlimited Home Calls

You can choose to upgrade to Unlimited Home Phone and get line rental plus unlimited local, national, 1300/13 calls, calls to Australian mobiles and international calls to 12 destinations all for just $10/mth.

Long-Distance Charges to Ukraine Waived

Long-distance charges to Ukraine for existing TNEXT residential and business customers are waived until further notice. TNEXT customers require no action as this is an automated process.


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